Finding the best Cat Breeder takes some effort, but is well worth it.

Finding a Pet Breeder that gives you the breed of pet you want, with zero headaches and zero maltreatment to the pet may look easy at first. But there are many things that could be happening without your notice. And it may not show up till much later in the life of the pet.

Ana Gomez of Purrxotics Cattery in Escondido, California explains, “If you want to make the smartest choices when dealing with one, you will need to look out for these top 10 traits. A professional with 90% of these traits is most likely to be your smartest choice.

1. Pets are kept in a comfortable and wide space

With genuine love and care for your pets, you would want the best living conditions for them. This is something you should more than expect from a professional. They should have their pets in wide and comfortable spaces.

2. They interview the buyers

A breeder who cares about their animals would want to know where the pets will be living, if you have any kids, how old they are and how you plan to care for the pet. They will also be willing to offer you help with the pet even after you’ve bought them.

3. The cats look healthy and happy

You know a healthy and happy kitty when you see one. It’s instinctive. Ensure you are dealing with a professional who cares for their animals so efficiently. According to the actual breed matters too.

4. They live close to the pets

For a pet to grow into an animal than isn’t scared and shy of humans, they must’ve grown up around a human. The closer they are to the breeder, the better.

5. They help the pets socialize and handle the pets frequently

Just like in number 4 above, apart from being close to the breeder, the pets should be comfortable around other humans too. Some breeders host parties where people can visit and play with the pets. This is a big bonus.

6. They are very knowledgeable about specific breeds

You don’t want a breeder who is a jack of all breeds, master of none. A good breeder should  know a lot about specific breeds and not just one that boasts about knowing “everything about dogs.” Petco has a great resource for researching breeds.

7. They breed only a small number of pets per year

When the pets are many, you can tell that individual animals get so little special attention. So go for the breeders who maintain a small number of pets per year. For dogs, 1-2 litters per year is ideal.

8. They have credentials and experience

You can’t be a true professional if you don’t have the papers and credentials to show it. Be wary of those who throw the word “professional” around a lot but don’t have the credentials to show for it.

9. They are concerned about the future of the pet

Like we mentioned in number 2 above, if they breeder is really interested in the pet, they always ask about how the future of the pet will be with you. One who took interest and pride in their work will always ask.

10. They have references and a good relationship with the local vet

Go for breeders who have some years in the business with references. Also, a breeder who has a good relationship with the local vet is most likely a good breeder.

When you spot most of these traits in your dealings with a true professional, you will be very confident that the pets they own are very high quality and will give you little problems with time.