Frequently Asked Questions

At The Pet Pantry, We Are Doing Our Part To Reduce The Unwanted Pet Population. We Are Begining A Policy Which We Hope Will Help Reduce The Number Of Animals Euthanzied Each Year.The Pet Pantry of Michigan is now requiring that all animals that are enrolled in our program be spayed or neutered. When applying for assistance you will be asked for the proof of spay/neuter for each pet. We can also provide you with information regarding spay/neuter resources if you are not sure where to seek assistance.
Q. How do I know I qualify for assistance?

A. There are a few ways to tell if you qualify:1. If you receive any type of public assistance such as food or cash benefits.
2. If you receive disability or social security benefits.
3. If you receive unemployment compensation.
4. If you are homeless
Q. How do I receive pet food and supplies?

A. To recieve assistance youĂ‚ will need to bring your proof of spay/neuter, your EBT (Bridge Card) and your picture I.D into the Pet Pantry office during business hours and fill out the application. If you have questions, please feel free to call 231.747.6986.

 How much food will I receive?

A. Pet Pantry has a set guideline, recommended by a qualified vet, as to how much food a pet requires on a daily basis. Each Animal Will Receive Enough Food For A One Weeks Supply. It is intended that the Pet Pantry is not a sole food source, but a supplementary one. Pet Pantry offers a wide variety of foods and brands. We try to stay with the brand the animal is used to eating, as not to cause any stomach distress. If you are given a bucket, it is your responsibility to return the bucket clean upon your next visit for food.

 How many animals can I receive food for?

A. Pet Pantry has a limit of three animals per household. The three animals can be of any combination, but limited to three only. We do not supply breeders or animal hoarders. If false information is given by a breeder or animal hoarder in order to receive food, they will be permanently terminated from the program.

 How many times can I receive assistance?

A. Pet Pantry will assist families six times per year. This means you can return once a month for six months, or every other month throughout the year. After you have received the limit of six visits, you must reapply after 6 months has passed. Anyone found giving false information in order to receive food and or supplies will be permanently terminated from the program.

 What types of supplies are available?

A. Pet Pantry has a variety of supplies. We can provide collars, leashes, food, bedding, crates (when in stock), toys, treats, shampoos (when available). We have supplies for many different animals such as, dogs, cats, gerbils, rabbits, fish and birds. Some of our supplies are gently used. If you are looking for something specific, please call in advance to see if we have what you need in stock.